Symposium on Medicine and Psychoanalysis, Paris, France

The Symposium on Medicine and Psychoanalysis is organized by the Societe Medicine Et Psychoanalyse. This conference will be conducted from 13th January 2018 in Paris, France to cover major areas like echoing those caregivers in their functions: to advice, treat, focus etc. for beginners along with the constant addressing to the individuals who perform with paediatric experience with adolescents and adults sufferings in their bodies.


This symposium cordially invites all the prominent and recognized specialists from this field to share their experience and to help enhance others to learn various treatment options.



  • Help in updating your insight in most recent speculations in the field.
  • Invites eminent and distinguished experts from this field on the Symposium.
  • Network with the experts in a friendly setting.
  • Share and exchange with specialists in the field.
Societe Medicine Et Psychoanalyse
École Normale Supérieure,Paris, France
Starting on
January 13, 2018
Ending on
January 16, 2018

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